We can't afford hunger in Ohio

Hunger cost Ohio more than $6.97 billion in 2010. But Ohio can make a difference in the debate on how we prevent hunger-related health care costs, lost educational achievement and worker productivity.

We need YOUR VOICE today to make an impact.
The Super Committee's deadline to come up with $1.2 trillion in cuts or revenues is this Monday, November 21st. 

Call Senator Portman and your congressperson TODAY  if you care about the cost of hunger and the National Service members who give a year of their life to end hunger and poverty in your community.

Tell them
to protect National Service programs and the nutrition safety net including SNAP/food stamps, CSFP, TEFAP in Super Committee deliberations.  

Any cuts to these programs would be devastating, at a time when a record one in six Ohioans are facing hunger and millions of workers have lost their jobs, their homes, and have seen their families' economic security slip away.

Private charity plays a critical role, but Ohio's hunger relief network is stretched dangerously thin meeting relentless demand. We need our federal partners to remain strong.

Action: Call Senator Portman at (800) 205-6446 NOW and urge him to fully fund nutrition assistance and National Service programs during debt ceiling negotiations.
Call your Congressperson (find your representative's number here) and tell them to protect the nutrition safety net and National Service programs.

Your calls are making a difference, but continued pressure is needed if we hope to protect these critical programs! Share this alert with your colleagues, supporters and friends. Thank you for caring! Thank you for calling!